Our team works expertly to reduce technical risks, prevent construction gaps, control budgets and meet project deadlines. To maintain quality control, we regularly review teams in the field to ensure our procedures are followed. Our extensive experience covers all aspects of construction in sectors such as educational, government, military, commercial and residential complexes.

Our services

Construction supervision 

LLP "Sartai Spec Stroy Service" is an accredited company that is engaged in technical supervision of construction and installation works of the first level of responsibility.

 Company services cover the entire spectrum of civil engineering disciplines and we have experience partnering with leading international firms to ensure that our clients are offered a complete package of construction supervision services.

The company "Sartai Spec Stroy Service" provides technical supervision services in construction.

LLP " Sartai Spec Stroy Service" 
Offers you services for the implementation of technical supervision functions throughout Kazakhstan.
We are glad to offer you technical supervision services for all levels of complexity at all stages of your construction. Turning to our company, you can get:

Quality control of work (compliance with the requirements of SNiP, state standards, work production technology);

Supervision over the compliance of the construction and installation works and the materials, products, structures and equipment used with the approved design solutions;


Monitoring compliance by the contractor with the rules for warehousing and storage of materials, products and equipment used; if violations of these rules are detected, the technical supervision representative may prohibit the use of improperly stored and stored materials;


Acceptance of the work performed with the signing of the relevant acts (concealed work, testing, intermediate acceptance of critical structures of the building and structures);


Photofixation: hidden and other works, the current state of the object. Providing results, both in printed and electronic form.

Maintaining a log of technical supervision, where deviations identified during the inspection of the work performed are recorded: from working drawings, from the technology of construction work, from existing SNiP and GOST; as well as the timing of elimination of detected deviations;


Monitoring the timeliness and quality of elimination of identified deviations recorded in the technical supervision log. In case of non-compliance with the instructions of technical supervision on the implementation of the deviations, up to the stop of work until the identified deviations are completely eliminated;


Verification of the correspondence between the volumes of actually performed work and those presented for payment;


Control of compliance of the scope of work and terms of work with the terms of the contract and the construction schedule;


Maintaining a record of completed work;


Control of the availability (completeness) and correctness of the maintenance of as-built documentation by the contractor, including the assessment of the reliability of geodetic executive schemes of the completed structures with selective control of the accuracy of the position of the elements;


Preparation of comments and control of their elimination;


Drawing up lists of necessary executive documentation for the types of work;


Checking that the contractor has quality documents (certificates in established cases) for the materials, products and equipment used by him, documented results of input control and laboratory tests;


Conducting incoming control of project documentation. Preparation of comments and control of their elimination;


Signing the act of commissioning the facility.


IT solutions

The company has an Information Technology business partner that offers digitalization services for all processes from project inception to project completion.

Company research

Our company is constantly developing and growing. We provide a wide range of services to ensure excellent results and a positive impact on your business.